Custom Made Knives by Jerry Fisk MS


Jerry Fisk MS, Master Smith Knife maker, member of the Knife Makers Guild and honored as a National Living Treasure. Jerry Fisk has achieved many awards among the finest are: The "William F. Moran" Knife of the Year in 1990 & 1995, Beretta Award for Outstanding Achievement in Handcrafted Cutlery 1988, Best Damascus Knife 1990, Best Handmade Art Knife 1992, Governor's "Folk Life and Traditional Arts Award" 1997. Superior Fit and Finish is not only a trade mark but a given. Jerry says, "Each knife can be a utilitarian or an art piece, it depends on the degree". This is a "One of a Kind" Presentation Hunter, Radial Mosaic 11 bar pattern Damascus blade steel, BL = 6 1/2 ", OAL = 11 1/2", Silver fittings, Antique Elephant ivory fluted handle accented with a fluted shell at the Ricasso, frame handle wrapped with Twisted Silver wire.  NLT marked, each Radial started as a 2"square and all fluting done with a hand file. Impeccable Fit and Finish. Condition is Mint.

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